• Tally ERP SMS Features
  • Tally ERP SMS Features
  • Tally ERP SMS Features
  • Tally ERP SMS Features
  • Tally ERP SMS Features

Why do I need this Software?

This application will enable you to send outgoing messages from your Tally ERP. The SMS can be the information of a voucher, ledger outstanding or custom message composed by you.

Is this software useful for my business domain?

Today every business domains wants to notify their customer/vendor about the Payment received, Invoices made etc., You can also use this utility to send the gentle reminders to your customer about payments. If the data is available in Tally ERP this utility will assist you to send that information to your desired mobile number.

What is the minimum requirement for Tally ERP SMS?

You need to have a licensed version of Tally ERP Release 2.0 and above running on a Windows Operating System platform.

How is the installation done?

The installation is a simple procedure, we will provide you with the installation manuals. If need be our support team will take the remote control of your system and install the software for you.

Tally ERP already have the SMS Feature, then why do I need this?

The SMS feature available in Tally ERP is to query the information from your Mobile to Tally ERP. There is no outgoing SMS feature, the SMS Query from Tally ERP is done through Tally.NET Feature (your Tally ERP should be running and you company should be connected with the Tally.NET Server ) and this could cost you 3-6 Rupees depending upon your operator.

I have a multi-user can I install this Add-on for all clients?

Yes , you can install this add-on just like how you install the Tally ERP Add-on for a multi-user environment.

What if I want to Send SMS for one Voucher Type only?

Yes , its possible, the SMS sending feature is enabled for particular Voucher Types. So unless you configure to send the SMS the feature will not be activated.

What if I want to turn off the feature for sometime?

Yes , its possible, you can always disable the SMS Sending Feature for each Voucher Type.

I want to Send SMS to some prospects, I have the Data in Excel can i use this information?

Yes , its possible, We have a feature where by you can load the Excel file to Tally and send the SMS. None of this Excel data will be stored in your Tally ERP.

Will this add-on affect my Tally ERP Data?

No , this feature will not crash or tamper your Tally ERP Data, instead it will add few piece of information to enable the feature.

Can I send my Sales-Order information as SMS?

Yes you can send Sales order, Purchase Order, Receipt Note, Delivery Note, Sales Bill, Purchase Bill, Receipts, Payments, Contra (Bank Transfers) etc., as an SMS the moment the voucher is saved. You have to configure this option in each Voucher Type.

Will this software supports future versions of Tally ERP?

Mostly Yes, We have designed this product as per the Tally ERP Road Map. When you buy the product you are entitled for one year upgrade support at free of cost.

Can I disable the SMS Feature for a particular User?

Yes, you can disable the SMS Feature for a particular user by Dis-Allow option in the Tally ERP Security Control. If you have any further queries, call our support desk.

Can I Send my company address as SMS?

Yes, you can send the Company Address, Contact Details (like Email, Phone Number, Mobile Number etc.,) subject to you have configured that information in the Company Master Screen.

Can I send request to get the PAN Number of my Party?

Yes, you can request for the Party related information like PAN Number, VAT TIN Number, Excise Registration Number, Service Tax Number, you can also choose what information you want to request from the Party.

Can I send Outstanding Reminder for One Party?

Yes, you can send the Outstanding Reminder for a single party as a consolidated figure or with the bifurcation of the Bills.

Can I use this utility to send SMS to any one (who is not a Ledger in Tally ERP)?

Yes, you can send SMS to anyone using the Send Single Message option where by you can enter the Mobile Number and the Mobile Message to send.

What is SMS Sender ID?

Sender ID is the 8 character identification of the Sender.

Can I have my own Sender ID?

Yes, you can have your own sender ID, subject to the availability of the 8 character Sender ID chosen by you.

What is SMS Credit?

SMS Credit is the charge to send one SMS of 160 characters. If your message length is more than 160 characters the additional credits will be used.

How many SMS Credits will I receive from the software?

When you buy the software from us, you will get the SMS Credits for 2000 SMS (160 Characters each). If your message length is more than 160 characters the additional credits will be used.

What will happen if my credits get over?

You can buy the top-up credits from us at any point of time. The validity of the credit will be for 1 Year from the date of SMS credit purchase.

I need some more information which is not there in this list , what should I do?

Feel free to call us on 91-8108285174/ 91-8108285174 or mail us tallyerpsms@gmail.com.